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2018 Junior Master Gardener Leader Training

  Through 2/162/17 - 2/21
Training $280.00 $325.00

The Junior Master Gardener (JMG) program grows good kids through igniting a passion for learning, success, and service.  This 3 day workshop will provide an overview of the JMG curricula and with the conference registration fee, participants will receive copies of the newly revised JMG Level 1 Teacher/Leader Guide and JMG's recently released health and nutrition focused curricula - Learn, Grow, Eat & GO!   All JMG curricula are correlated to academic standards for science, math, language arts, and social studies to support school day academic programming. This session will also include evidenced-based research documenting positive program impact on children and families.

Through this training program, participants will learn how to lead JMG lessons, prepare JMG teacher/leader training events for their local communities, how to enroll and register children in the JMG program, how children can receive JMG certification, how to organize and engage youth in career exploration and service learning activities, and involve local county Extension office, volunteers and parents with JMG programs.

This training will include information on tips to market JMG to schools, after school programs and community based clubs.  Program sustainability through community collaborations and partnerships will be addressed and specific program resources, marketing materials, and support items will be shared.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

If a cancellation becomes necessary, please send notification to Cancellations received no later than February 6, 2018 will receive an 80% refund.