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Chemigation for Drip Irrigation Systems Workshop

  1/08 - 1/24
Workshop $40.00

Chemigation is the practice of injecting any chemical into irrigation water to be applied through the irrigation system. Chemigation systems can be used to deliver fertilizers, insecticides or fungicides to crops. Many commercial drip irrigation system such as those used in vineyards and orchards use chemigation to manage plant needs and prevent clogging of the drip system.

This Chemigation workshop will cover:

  • Rules and Regulations regarding use of chemigation in drip systems
  • Required equipment and types of injectors
  • Calibration of Equipment
  • Calculating Injection Rates

This workshop will be beneficial to any grower using chemigation or interested in adding chemigation to their existing drip system.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

If a cancellation becomes necessary, please send notification to Cancellations received no later than January 22, 2019 will receive a $30 refund.