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Introduction To Termite Control for New Technicians

  Through 2/262/27 - 2/28
Training $55.00 $80.00

Introduction to termite control for new technicians is designed to orient new termite technicians to the art and science of termite control.  Termite control expert, Dr. Bob Davis, will be demonstrating practical field skills for setting up and executing a soil termiticide job.  Kevin Keim, with Dow Agroscience, will provide an overview of termite baiting, including practical aspects of bait placement and installation. They are joined by Dr. Mike Merchant in the classroom to provide some of the basic biology of termites you need to know if you are to be on the top of your game.

Owners, this is a great opportunity to get new or old employees ready for termite season.  Half of the class will be classroom, and half will be in the field, conducting a termite treatment. One termite CEU will be offered for those who complete the class.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to termites
  • Theory and practice of termite baiting
  • Introduction to termite soil treatment
  • Hands-on Demonstrations at IPM Experience House
  • Preparing the treatment diagram
  • Estimating a bait job and station placement
  • Problem solving
  • Estimating a soil termiticide job
  • Soil injection equipment
  • Spray rig calibration
  • Safe mixing
  • Application of soil applied termiticides

Class size will be limited to 22. Lunch provided.

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