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Texas Structural Lawn & Ornamental Category Online Training Course

Online Course & Manual B-5066 $130.00

This course will NOT meet the requirements for the required General Standards (Technician Training) course needed prior to taking the technician exam.

Lawn and ornamental pest control represents a very large portion of urban pesticide use.  As urban areas continue to expand and homeowners continue to desire attractive lawns and landscapes, the use of pesticides to control plant pests has continued to grow.  The use of pesticides to control insects and diseases in home and other landscapes is a serious business, one that requires a wide knowledge of the pests as well as some understanding of pesticides and their proper use.

This course is also designed to satisfy the Texas SPCS training requirement - Section 7.133 (h) (2) - for "8 hours of classroom training in each category in which the apprentice is to provide pest control services" through the Structural Pest Control Service (SPCS), a division of TDA.  The course can also be taken by other SPCS applicators to increase their knowledge in the subject area.

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