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Introductory Employee Training Program for Greenhouse Crop Production Online Course

Online Course Fee $55.00

Welcome to the Introductory Employee Training Program for Greenhouse Crop Production!

This 1-hour self-directed training video has been designed for folks who have never had any greenhouse experience to provide a brief overview of very basic information about growing plants, integrated pest management, shipping and handling, and safety procedures.  This training module is perfect for those who have never stepped into a greenhouse before!  It is not designed for experienced growers.

It is available in both English and Spanish and is divided into 5 modules:

(1) the Introduction and Industry Overview modules will provide a general description of the greenhouse industry;

(2) the two modules on Greenhouse Basics will follow the production of a greenhouse crop from beginning to end;

(3) the Insects and Diseases module will introduce some of the most common pests on greenhouse crops;

(4) the Finished Crop module covers basic shipping and handling procedures; and

(5) the module on Safety in the Greenhouse will provide some important tips on how to stay safe on the job.

Each module in the course includes several quiz questions to challenge your knowledge along the way.  A transcript of the training materials is available for download.  We hope you enjoy this educational experience.  The total amount of time to complete the training is 1 hour.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

No refunds.